Photographer: Txema de la Cruz

About me

Seeking overlooked beauty and prizing reflection in a distracted world, Maseda creeates cinematic music for the road less traveled. In stirring works of shimmering post rock ambience that swell with hope and melancholic nostalgia. The Basque musician immerse listeners in living visions of moments long past, animating life’s fond temembrances and scarring losses with gentle lens-flare harmonics, herat-surging neoclassical drama, and pensive silence. A direct chalenge to the passive existence of modern life, where everithing can be experienced but precious little is felt, Maseda demands, and richly rewards, patience and contemplation.
The work has masterfully traced across sub-genres of modern classical, ambient, shoegaze and post-rock, resulting in an oeuvre that’s as varied as it is incomparable.

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